The company KELA Spezialmaschinen GmbH was founded in 1962.

MZE Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG took over the sales and service activities for all KELA products in 2014. KELA stands for products for special-purpose machines for the leather industry.

The main products are machines for the modern finishing of upholstery leather of any kind, such as:

– Buffing machine FULMINTA
– Dedusting machine DUBLASA
– Roller application machine LEPRINTA
– Flow staking machine VIBRASOFT
– Horizontal ironing machine SATIFLEX
– Ironing-/embossing machine SUPERGRAIN
– Backside coating machine for leather and PU-stamping parts, consisting of DUBLASA * LEPRINTA * TROLUX

KELA has extensive know how of the fur industry:

– Paddle in various sizes
– Circular knife
– Thin-cut knife
– Circular knife buffing machine
– Laboratory equipment
– Sheep skin fleshing machine
– Sheep skin shearing machine
– Sheep skin combing machine
– Sheep skin carding machine

We do the service directly or through our representatives.

The production of machines and spare parts is made with the most modern CNC-controlled machines in Kelkheim. By this we can guarantee MADE IN GERMANY.

KELA is a registered and protected brand name.

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