Concerning the production of leather we are mainly busy in the range of finishing of upholstery leather of any kind.
Particularly in view of “staking” and “application” we earned a leading position in the past years and decades, due to our machines VIBRASOFT and LEPRINTA.

We are the leader in the market with the backside coating unit for leather and PU-stamping parts, consisting of DUBLASA – LEPRINTA – TROLUX.

(Deutsch) Labormaschinen LEPRINTA STUDIO

(Deutsch) Labor – Walzenauftragmaschine LEPRINTA Studio bis 600 mm Arbeitsbreite

Roller coating machine LEPRINTA

roller coating machines LEPRINTA are produced as single roller and three roller machines

Backside Coating Unit DUBLASA - LEPRINTA - TROLUX

backside coating unit for leather – and PU-stamping parts

Buffing machine FULMINTA

buffing machine FULMINTAas single machine or as complete buffing unit.

Staking machine VIBRASOFT

Vibration staking machine VIBRASOFT

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