Spare & wear parts

Leather branch:
  • Rollers: Grid-and design rollers for all types of machines
  • Belts: staking belts, transport belts made of PVC and siliconised processing belts
  • Staking tools
  • Spare parts for all types of KELA machines
Fur finishing
  • Circular knives
  • Thin-cut knives
  • Spare parts for all types of DANUBIA machines
Fur tannery
  • Cards / scraper belts
  • Shearing knives
  • Fleshing knives
  • Blades
  • Felt belts
  • Spare and wear parts for Selbeck, Schödel, Kessler and Danubia machines
  • Second hand machines operational and generally overhauled

Scraper belts and cleaning tapes

Scraper belts and cleaning tapes for combing machines for Selbeck and other makes

(Deutsch) Standmesser

(Deutsch) Standmesser in verschiedenen Qualitäten für Selbeck und Pöhlandt Maschinen

Circular knives

Circular knives for SELBECK / DANUBIA paring “BANJO” machines

Fur print types

Fur print types, firing pins and hammers

Shaving- and Fleshing Blades

Shaving- and fleshing blades for all types of leathermachines

Application Rollers

negativ, positiv, design and helicoil rollers for all KELA roller coating machines

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