KELA Ledertechnik GmbH
Siemensstr. 21
D-65779 Kelkheim/Germany
Tel.: +49-6195-99420
Fax: +49-6195-9942-30

KELA produces and delivers machines for the leather industry, fur finishing and sheep skin tanneries.

Leather production:
Concerning the production of leather we are mainly busy in the range of finishing of upholstery leather of any kind.
Particularly in view of "staking" and "application" we earned a leading position in the past years and decades, due to our machines VIBRASOFT and LEPRINTA.

We are the leader in the market with the backside coating unit for leather and PU-stamping parts, consisting of DUBLASA - LEPRINTA - TROLUX.
Machines for leather production

Fur segment / fur finishing
We deliver paddles in various sizes (stainless steel / polyester), circular knives, thin cut knives, buffing machines and laboratory equipment.
Machines for fur finishing

Fur tannery / Sheep skin tannery
We are able to deliver all machines designed by the SELBECK know how necessary for sheep skin production. Such as fleshing machines, shearing machines, combing machines, carding machines, ironing machines and also staking machines system SCHÖDEL, spare and wear parts for Selbeck, Schödel, Kessler and Danubia.
Machines for fur tanneries

Project planning
We are planning the entire demand of machinery for leather companies and fur tanneries.
Project planning
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